Ordering Guide

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Ensure JustBuilds Windows And Doors Are Right For You

JustBuilds windows and doors are sleekly designed, high-quality Australian made products that have manufactured in compliance with the Australian Window Standard AS2047 and the Glass Standard AS1288. Our products are ideal for those who are replacing their current windows and sliding doors or retrofitting onto existing openings such as enclosing alfresco and pergola areas. New builds, such as the development of a unit or house, are governed by the specifications outlined in your building permit or energy report. It may need to meet individual specifications, such as a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating or energy rating (SHGC & U Value). In any case, its the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that their purchase is suitable for their development. If you are still unsure about whether there are regulations you need to meet, then you may need to seek advice from your local council, building surveyor or installer. For more information regarding the ratings of our products see the FAQ page.

Ensure We Deliver To Your Area

JustBuild Windows & Doors currently services the Melbourne metropolitan area and some greater regional suburbs in Victoria. To see the list of suburbs we deliver to please visit the Delivery page. If you are within Victoria and your suburb does not appear on this list, please reach out to us, and we may be able to arrange a special delivery to you at an extra cost. We do not currently offer any interstate freight of pickup options of any kind.

Open The 3D Builder (Desktop Use Highly Recommended)

You can open the web builder here or using the '3D Builder' button in the main menu. It will open in full screen in a new window. It is recommended to be using a desktop computer when using the configurator to ensure the best user experience. Although a mobile version does exist, due to the advanced nature of the configurator, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate efficiently.

Select Product Type

In the configurator select the product you would like to create first 1. Sliding Doors (Includes Stacker Doors for applicable sizes) 2. Sliding Windows

Enter Dimensions

Enter the overall dimensions of the unit you would like 1. Overall Height in Millimetres 2. Overall Width in Millimetres The overall dimension is the finished size of the unit, including any external fins or reveals. ADVANCED To calculate the aluminium size of the unit you are creating Sliding Window Aluminium Height = Minus 40mm from the overall height entered. Sliding Window Aluminum Width = Minus 40mm from the overall width entered. Sliding Door Aluminium Height = Minus 20mm from the overall height entered (no bottom reveal). Sliding Door Aluminium Width = Minus 40mm from the overall width entered. If you are unsure of how to measure the height and width of openings, it is best to contact your installer to assist you.

Select Configuration and Opening Direction

The configurator will use the sizes you have entered and calculate the opening style options available for that measurement. Some sizes will allow you to choose out of multiple opening options, and some will only allow for one. If you have selected a single-sided opening unit, you will have the option to chose which direction you would like it to slide open. It is important to remember this selection is made if viewing the unit from the exterior. It is helpful to use the 3D model shown to assist you in this. The text seen at the bottom of the model will state the exterior and interior of the unit. For dual opening units, they will not provide an option in which fashion they slide as this is a fixed selection. The model is interactive, by clicking on the sliding panels, you can see the direction in which they slide.

Select Aluminium Colour

Using the colour palette, you can select the colour of the aluminium; it is essential to also look at the names of the colours to ensure you have made the right selection. Different screen monitors can present these colours differently on the 3D model; it is to be used as a guide only and may not represent the exact accuracy of the colour in real life.

Select Glass Type

JustBuild currently offers only single glazed units with transparent toughened glass for sliding doors and stacker doors. We endeavour to add more options in the future, such as double glazing and tinted glass. Due to the costs involved, we are still working on a cost-effective solution to providing these to our customers at reasonable prices. For sliding windows, there is the option to have the glass transparent, or privacy obscured (for bathroom & toilet applications). There is also the option to have the glass in the windows as standard clear float glass or as toughened glass at an extra cost. For obscure glazed windows, toughened glass is automatically selected to comply with the Australian standards of glazing in wet areas. See image below for an example of the obscured glass used in privacy areas.

Select Reveal Size

Select a reveal size by using the dropdown box presented in the configurator menu. The following should be used as a guide only and may not be the correct size for your application. 100mm Typically used for stud wall and weatherboard applications 125mm Typically used for single brick veneer applications 160mm Typically used for double brick veneer applications JustBuild does not currently offer any units without reveals. If you are unsure of what reveal size you require, it is best to contact your installer. The overall depth of the unit with reveals is seen in the 3D model. See diagrams below to see the reveal setup for your products, for any further questions regarding reveals please contact us via LiveChat or through the contact page.

Select Extras

Select whether you would like screens supplied for an additional cost Doors

  • Standard fibreglass mesh fly doors to suit the openings on your sliding or stacking unit.
  • Lockable diamond grill security doors with fibreglass mesh to suit the openings on your sliding or stacking unit.
  • Standard fibreglass mesh flyscreens to suit the openings in your windows.

View Summary & Add to Cart

After finishing your creation, you can review the specifications by clicking the 'Summary' button at the bottom of the configurator. Please review the options selected and ensure these are correct. If you need to purchase more products you can add the current item to your cart and continue to shop by pressing the 'Add to Cart' button. If you are ready to checkout click the 'Pay Now' button to arrange the delivery and payment.

Add Multiple Products (If Required)

If you require multiple products, after adding your first item to the shopping cart, click the 'Edit Product' button seen at the top of the configurator. It will reset back to the first step, and you can continue creating more products by going through the configurator process again and further adding more products to the cart until you have completed your order. Any creations already added to the cart will remain there until you are ready to finalise the order. When you are ready to checkout, click the 'Cart' button seen at the top of the configurator and then select the 'Pay Now' button.


Continue the checkout by filling out your details and the delivery address. Select the date you would prefer for delivery, we will do our best to accomodate this date and will contact you if there are any conflicts with the day you have selected. Complete the checkout by pressing your payment method option at the bottom of the form and making payment.

Completion & Delivery

Once you have made your payment, you will receive an email with a summary of your order, and the manufacturing process will begin. If you have not received the summary in your email, check the spam folder and if it is not there, please reach out to us, and we will resend it to you. One of our representatives will contact you in the days leading up to your delivery to ensure a suitable time to deliver your items.